Graphite sheets

Graphite sheets

PERMA-FOIL® is a flexible graphite sheet exclusively made from specially processed natural graphite without the use of a binder. After the initial thermal expansion process this unique material is finally compacted, giving this material its extreme flexibility and high heat and chemical resistance.

PERMA-FOIL® has excellent self-lubricating properties due to its layered crystal structure. Since PERMA Foil® is produced only from natural graphite without using a binder, it is stable in the wide range of temperature (-200°C3200°C inert atmosphere)

The thermal and electrical conductivity is excellent parallel to surface, and PERMA-FOIL® is optimum as a heat release material and as a heat transfer material.

PERMA-FOIL® graphite sheets has excellent purity and are therefore optimum for use also in semiconductor, IT, or nuclear energy industry applications.

Typical applications:

automotive gaskets, general industrial packing, parts for semiconductor equipment, corrosion resistant seals, IT industry, drip shield for vacuum furnaces etc.

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