The properties of graphite are many and we make good use of them all.

In a close cooperation with Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd., we offer high quality carbon and graphite products.

Our in-house state of the art machine shop allows us to supply complex products and meet the customer´s high expectations.

The combination of experience, skill and high quality materials enables us to offer our customers a range of quality and cost effective solutions.

For some customers we are troubleshooters, for others a helping hand in the work of product development.
Sometimes we need extra time, sometimes there is an urgency – the more you challenge us, the more efforts we bring in!

Typical areas of application include

Heat treatment / Vacuum Brazing / Sintering

Semiconductor / Solar cells manufacturing / Optical Fiber

Vacuum furnaces

Continuous Casting

Hot pressing

Glass Manufacturing

Seals / Bushings / Bearings

Carbon Brushes