Quality and Competence are Svenska Tanso’s keywords

The range of applications for graphite and composites are continuously growing and becoming more and more complex. This gives us the opportunity to increase our competence, broaden our experience and establish ourselves as the strong company that we are. Svenska Tanso AB was established in 1981. We already have a leading position in Northern Europe and the Baltic states and are well on our way into other overseas business areas.

Our production areas are:
Graphite and technical carbon for electrical, metallurgical, chemical and mechanical applications. Erosion electrodes and accessories for Electro Discharge Machining (EDM). Natural/synthetic graphite power. Fibre and productions material for composite areas. Certain metals and chemicals.

We acquire our graphite from the Japanese company Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd. and are included in their business group. Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd. has been the torchbearer of synthetic graphite and is currently the biggest producer of isostatic pressed graphite. This means that we have a strong supplier of high quality graphite that enables us to deliver high quality products.

Where business relationships rely on confidentiality

Respect and reliability are the foundation of a good business relationship. By being continuously available we build up a relationship with our customers that in time lets us know their needs, their work and their plans for the future. This makes it easier for us to provide for our customers wishes and sometimes even know them in advance.

One thing for sure – your trade secrets are safe at Svenska Tanso. We have lots of experience in developing projects where confidentiality is high and our task is performed on a “need-to-know-basis”. Confidentiality is not a problem for us. We concentrate on getting the task done and keeping our lips sealed!

We never sit back!

Our staff are qualified to answer the questions asked by our customers, whether it’s machining graphite according to a specified drawing or developing a new product. Our equipment is geared to tooling graphite and is actually one of the most well developed within our industry. Turnaround time is short which means that Svenska Tanso is able to ship what you need rapidly.

For some customers we are problem solvers, for others, project developers. Sometimes we need additional patience, sometimes we must act quickly.
The more you challenge us, the harder we work!