The market leader for quality EDM consumables

Svenska Tanso AB is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high quality products for EDM-applications.
We have ever since our foundation in 1981 constantly developed, improved and expanded our product range and our expertise in this field of business. We have a comprehensive program for all kinds of electric discharge machining and we are the market leader in this area.

Thanks to a very close cooperation with our customers and to our carefully selected preferred suppliers, we have one of the strongest product portfolios available on the market, a product range and service which meets and often surpasses the expectations and requirements from our customers.

Our in house “state-of-the art” machine shop enables us to punctually supply, simple and complex graphite details according to your specific requirements.

Among our carefully selected suppliers you will find several world-leading manufacturers of proven high quality products used in spark erosion.

Buchem Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

A family owned company dedicated in producing functional chemicals for use in modern tool shops.

GFMS – System 3R International AB

System 3R, a company determined in producing superior quality products & solutions in accuracy, flexibility and productivity.

oelheld GmbH

develops grinding fluids, cutting fluids and water-soluble lubricants for many different applications including EDM.

Thermocompact SA

A worldwide leader in the supply of wires for electro discharge machining.

Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd.

Global number one in producing isostacially pressed graphite materials.

Among our customers you will also find several world leaders in their respective fields, customers whom trust us as their preferred supplier and technically competent partner for a trouble free production.

There are three basic EDM processes; wire-EDM, sink-EDM and EDM-Drilling.
All processes work on the principle of spark erosion, material is eroded from any conductive material by very precisely controlled electrical sparks, regardless the hardness of the material.
From rough machining to extreme precision and finishing, we have the suitable products on stock.

Learn more about our products and services for the different processes on respective page.