Graphite insulation

Graphite insulation

Mechanically stable insulating materials in form of plates or cylinders for thermal insulation at temperatures from 800°C and above.

Plates are manufactured either by impregnation of soft felt or by mixing and molding the fibrous material with a binder, followed by a final heat treatment.

Standard plates 1 500 x 1 000 mm are available in several thicknesses and with a protective layer of graphite foil, graphite paint or CFC.
The most common thicknesses are 20, 30 and 40 mm and they are often used as insulation of the heating chamber in vacuum furnaces.

Soft felt is also widely used in vacuum furnaces as thermal insulator.

The soft felt material is available on rolls with a standard width of ~1 200 mm and a thickness of 5 or 10 mm.

Graphite Insulation is also available in larger sized blocks, up to 1 500 x 1 500 x 250 mm.

We process any of above material to your desired design.