Svenska Tanso has a comprehensive product line of quality filters for all wire edm machines and applications. We stock and sell filters from several leading manufacturers and also our own developed and highly appreciated top quality product range IQ PREMIuM.

Dirty process water causes instability during the erosion process, such as short circuits and secondary discharges and the result will be defects in the eroded surface, in worst case, a costly piece of scrap metal has been produced, instead of the precision component intended.
In general, the achievable surface finish and final precision is linked to the effectiveness of the filtration system, a cleaner process also provides higher removal rates, better tolerances, more stable conductivity and longer service life on your deionizing system.
This together with reduced wear on your machine.


This filter series is manufactured by using a new synthetic high density polyester filter media, a filter media with unsurpassed strength when wetted.
The thin filter media makes it possible to vastly increase the filter surface area and therefore also greatly extend the intervals between necessary replacements of used filters.
A high pressure stability (3 Bar) is also ensured.


  • Up to 40 % longer service life by comparison to other high quality synthetic filters
  • Extremely pure dielectric from the very beginning of operation throughout the entire process
  • Less machine corrosion
  • Extended service life of the ion exchange resin
  • Reduction of secondary discharge due to fewer particles in the process water
  • Improved surface finish
  • Higher cutting speeds
  • Fewer wire breaks
  • Reduced machine wear