Injection moulding

Injection moulding

Svenska Tanso offers a comprehensive range of products tailored for use in and around injection moulding machines.

The automation of injection moulding processes is moving on apace, the efficiency of the “machines and tools” is constantly increasing. Nowadays the manufacture of assembled components in one cycle is virtually the industry standard.

However, everyday production processes are still characterized by colour, component and tool changes. These important points carry the risks of reductions in the level of productivity! Only corresponding levels of maintenance and care prevent soiling, for instance, which leads to deviations and rejects.

Svenska Tanso offers an exclusive range of aids, which secure the trouble-free operation of the clamping unit, the mould tool and increase the operational life span of the mechanical parts!

These include anticorrosive agents, mould and feed screw cleaners as well as lubricants and stripping agents. All the products are specially designed for this application and fulfil all the statutory requirements.

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